EFL League One 2023 Betting

League One is the third-highest tier in English professional football, with twenty-four teams competing annually. It’s a competition that offers a plenty of football betting chances, which we analyze in detail in this betting guide.


Welcome to the Comprehensive Betting Guide for English Football League One! League One is the third-highest tier in English professional football, with twenty-four teams competing annually. It’s a competition that offers a plenty of football betting chances, which we analyze in detail in this betting guide.


There are numerous League One ante-post betting markets that are created before the first ball is kicked and updated following each round of matches. In addition, major football bookmakers offer a variety of betting markets for each game, and many clients love the opportunity to wager on League One football accumulators.

How to Bet on Football League One


League One is an excellent tier from a betting standpoint, with clients able to wager on extremely contested matches in every round of competition. Due to the fact that numerous clubs compete at a comparable level, it is uncommon for multiple teams to be trading at odds-on for their separate matches.


Customers are able to wager on League One ante-post markets including Outright Winner, To Be Promoted, To Be Relegated, and Top Scorer. The benefit of ante-post wagering is that these wagers can bring increased excitement from week to week and the chance of a large payout at the end of the campaign.


Some bettors prefer to concentrate on a single game and its accessible markets, while others like to place many wagers, such as accumulator bets, which offer a large return for a modest stake.

How to Bet on Promotion to League One


When betting on a team to be promoted from League One, there are multiple methods to win your wager. If the club wins the League One championship, you will receive payment, and the same holds true if your team finishes second overall.


You will also receive a payout on the League One promotion market if your team advances through the playoffs. The first stage in this betting market is to assess the current odds and look for value.


A team like Peterborough or Ipswich, for instance, may have made some eye-catching additions and represent a decent value on the promotion market. Alternately, if you believe that a club will be promoted, you should also examine the Outright Winner market, where each team has a higher price.


How to Profit from League One Live Betting

Despite the fact that only a handful of League One matches are televised, bookmakers offer In-Play wagering on every game in this league. This means that in addition to the current pre-match betting markets, you can now wager on Live In-Play markets when they become available immediately after kickoff.


We recommend that you only place In-Play wagers on League One matches that you are actively following. But, you will frequently be supplied with statistics and facts relevant to each match, which can influence how you wager on the action.


Please note that In-Play betting markets on League One are not guaranteed to be available at all times, although Cash Out markets are frequently available, allowing you to close out a wager for a profit or loss based on how it performed relative to what is happening on the field.

Bets on League One’s Leading Scorer


If you believe that the League One Outright or Promotion ante-post betting markets do not offer a great deal of value, League One Top Goalscorer is an interesting alternative. Here, you are presented with a list of footballers from various League One clubs, and the objective is to wager on the player who will score the most goals.


Several betting consumers want to wager on this market if they have an opinion about a specific player scoring goals, regardless of where that player’s team finishes in the overall standings. The advantage of top scorer markets is that players with high odds frequently appear in the frame.


It is important to keep an eye out for players who may be dropping down a level to play in League One, as well as individuals who scored a lot of goals in League Two. Therefore, you want to bet on a footballer who will play a lot for the first team, and a star signing is an excellent example of a player who will play frequently.


Football League One Wagering Markets

One of the best advantages about betting on EFL League One is the chance to cash out your wager. Whether you’ve placed a season long wager or backed a team in play, many top betting companies give the option of paying your bet out.

Win-Draw-Win Betting I One of the most popular football betting markets in which bettors choose between Team A winning, Team B winning, or the match ending in a tie.



In-Play Betting I In-Play betting is a market that provides live odds that appear when a game begins and are updated based on what is happening on the field.


Ante-post Betting I Bettors can wager on a variety of outcomes prior to the beginning of the season, including which teams will be promoted to the EFL Championship or relegated to the EFL League Two.


Accumulator Betting I This approach includes selecting multiple games or outcomes and combining them into a single wager, typically at greater odds than a single wager.


Goals Wagering I Each match will feature a variety of goals markets, including First Goalscorer, Anytime Goalscorer, and Under/Over Total Goals.


  1. Handicap Wagering In handicap betting, a bettor may select either team in a given contest to receive an advantage or disadvantage in the match. For instance, if a team is a huge favorite with odds of 1/4, you may elect to give them a -1 handicap to enhance the odds.

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