Energoonz Online Slot Rating and reviews

Since it was first introduced in 2013, this amazing slot game has been captivating slot players who are in the know thanks to its one-of-a-kind features and overall appeal. And in their slotscape, which is designed to look like a scientific laboratory, they appear to be in the process of creating a whole new species of bizarre alien life. Among the many symbols that appear on the reels are three different alien species as well as various symbols representing alien DNA and genetic engineering. There is a degree of mystery around the whole concept of Energoonz, with some players interpreting the red and orange sign as ‘fireballs,’ while others believe it depicts ‘alien sperm,’ as the case may be. It is up to you to fill in the blanks, but the gamescape seems to be some kind of alien research facility where they either breed new alien life or enhance the abilities of the existing aliens.

Regardless of the reality, the neon visuals are excellent, and they are accompanied by a creepy deep space music. The action takes place on an intriguing 5×5 slot grid. The amount of each spin may vary anywhere from 0.20 to 40.00, and the possible winnings can cover a wide spectrum depending on the level you play at. Click the spin button to rev up the energy collector, and then wait to see what otherworldly wonders come your way.

Controls and Configuration for the Energoonz Slot

Energoonz has developed into something of a cult slot among gamers who like silly science fiction, which led to the creation of a sequel in the form of the Reactoonz slot. Both of these games are very playable on both Android and iOS smartphones.

Strangely, the online slot machine Energoonz only offers a total of five distinct betting levels for players to choose from while spinning the reels: 0.20, 1.00, 2.00, 10.00, and 40.00. This makes it extremely simple to pick a spin level; it’s almost like having a default option spanning from novice to pro. However, this also means that you don’t have a large range of choice over the bet amount in terms of a micro level.

The fact that you are instantly qualified to activate each and every payline on the game’s grid is a beneficial component of the betting levels. Regardless of how much expertise you have with slot games, the grid pattern is an intriguing component. The configuration of the game, which is a 5×5 grid, produces winning combinations when three or more of the same symbol appear either vertically or horizontally, providing a large number of possibilities to win. Before you spin the reels, you may see the complete payment levels for each symbol by clicking on the “Paytable” icon that is located in the bottom left corner of the slot screen.

The Gameplay and Additional Features of Energoonz

Because of its low volatility, the Energoonz slot machine is a great choice for players who want to enjoy longer slot sessions that don’t generally go over their spending limit. When you combine it with a large amount of action provided by both the main game and the extra features, it is easy to understand why this game has become so popular. The main game has a variety of interesting symbols and rewards, such as lightning bolts, images that resemble flames, atoms, and three extraterrestrials that provide bigger prizes. The blue-eyed ET is the most valuable of the regular symbols, as it awards a payout equal to 25 times your spin amount for five in a row. Plazma wilds, on the other hand, have the potential to multiply your wager by anywhere from five to five hundred times; this implies that the maximum jackpot may range anywhere from one hundred dollars to twenty thousand dollars, depending on the level you play at.

It takes a little longer to completely immerse yourself in the intricacy of Energoonz’s mechanics in addition to the conventional slot play, but this does not imply that you need to master any skills to begin playing and winning. In practice, when a player has a successful spin, the reward symbols are obliterated by an electromagnetic machine that is located to the right of the slotscape and new symbols fall from above to fill in the gaps that have been created. You may take it easy and watch the aliens shower you with ever-increasing win multipliers if any of the new combinations turn out to be winning combos.

The multipliers have the potential to significantly increase the amount you win. The greater the number of symbols that are removed from the screen (as a result of repeated victories), the greater the possible payouts. The multipliers may go as high as x10, and there is an additional bonus of x1000 if you are successful in removing all of the symbols off the screen.

As you remove the symbols from the screen, you’ll also begin to see the BONUS logo emerge on the screen; it will be similar to the solution to a classic puzzle coming into view. When you clear the whole screen, the bonus feature is activated, and you are awarded 10 free spins on a new reel that has up to ten fantastic aliens. The cascading reels are not active, but you have a chance to win anywhere from 1.25 times to 75 times the value of your spin. You will get an additional round of free spins if you are able to match five of the blue energy ball symbols.

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