Optibet player becomes multimillionaire with Mega Moolah’s Jackpot!

How frequently have you longed for winning a big stake? You’re by all account not the only one, and we bring you verification that it’s conceivable, and it occurs.

Indeed, a fortunate player at Optibet, a stage possessed by Enlabs, has won an astounding big stake of €7,231,507.69 on the unparalleled Mega Moolah opening, by Microgaming.

That is the second time it occurred: another person had won a big stake at a similar opening and a similar gambling club previously.

This exceptional success comes a couple of months after Mega garena Moolah has paid out a record add up to one more player in April: just about twenty million euros, making him a moment tycoon and the 101st player to become one on the organization.

With the most recent big stake, MicroGaming’s opening has paid out 1.45 billion euros, of which 137 million have been paid as bonanzas, levels and games in 2021.

“Colossal congrats to the triumphant player – we’re accustomed to seeing huge bonanzas drop on Mega Moolah, and €7.2 million is a phenomenal sum to win. All around good done to Optibet for asserting a second continuous Mega bonanza on our organization,” John Coleman, CEO at Microgaming, said.

“We were charmed when Mega Moolah dropped at Optibet the initial time, however for it to happen a second time only weeks after the fact is astounding. I’m sure that both existing and new Optibet clients will see the value in that the present circumstance must be credited to the karma of the brand,” Chris Davis, CPO at Enlabs, said.

So: in case you’re longing for winning a bonanza, you know where and how. Look at Mega Moolah, or one of the other moderate big stake spaces you’ll find in our assortment.

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